Winter 2021 Simple Living Collection
Simple Living Collective

Winter 2021 Simple Living Collection

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Now more than ever, the desire to slow down, reconnect, create more joy, and savor family life stirs deep within our essence.

Join together with a group of experts from across the globe as we present to you our sixth issue of the Simple Living Collection.

A blueprint to a life full of lasting memories, new skills, and deeper connections.

Our winter issue is only available through December 13th for $25!  With over 45 creators sharing tried and true skills, everything from learning how to make lanterns, to making extracts, to celebrating the Winter Solstice is inside.  Bread baking, knitting & felting, counting down to the solstice, creating seasonal decorations, preparing your flock for the winter, dyeing, and so much more is packed into this collection!

It features:
- 74 products including digital e-books, tutorials, patterns, recipes, stories, and so much more!
- materials for all ages  
- materials that can be used worldwide
- completely secular materials

We have carefully curated seven categories to help families use and add to these resources season after season:
- Create- handwork, crafts, art tutorials
- Raise- raising and learning about animals together 
- Nourish- feeding your family
- Wildcraft- foraging for wild edibles
- Family- family traditions, stories, poems
- Healthy Home- items to make your home healthier such as remedies or cleaning products
- Grow- growing your own food

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to slow down, savor family life, and learn new skills!


Winter Solstice Garland by Angela Ruggles from @the.nature.atelier
Wreath Making with Natural Materials by Anna Hewitt from @annaghewitt
Winter Twig Snowflakes Tutorial by Brittany Lescano of @getbacktobliss
Hedgehog Knit Pattern by Chenoa Pelligra from @peacewithnaturehandwork
Horse Knit Pattern by Chenoa Pelligra from @peacewithnaturehandwork
Toes to Nose Scarf Pattern by Chenoa Pelligra from @peacewithnaturehandwork
Fingerless Gloves Tutorial by Emma-Lisa McGhee from @ourhomeonthehill
Reusable Gift Bag Tutorial by Erin Augustine from @carbonfreefamily
Whimsical Play Kitchen Projects by Franziska Shelton from @my_seasonal_treasury
Bird Masks Tutorial by Franziska Shelton from @my_seasonal_treasury
Ice Marbles Tutorial by Ginny Yurich from @1000hoursoutside
Cardinal & Pine Sachet Tutorial by Heather Sleightholm from @sleightholmfolk
Salt Dough Ornament Tutorial by Heather Turner from
Mold Making Tutorial by Jackie Campbell from @rather_be_home
Winter Coloring Pages by Jess Jarrin of @jleejarrin
Air Dry Clay Recipe by Joey Hodlmair from @destinationmommy
Felt Sugar Cookies Tutorial by Katelyn Swanson from @candidlykatelyn
Coloring Pages by Katie Eberts of @katieebertsillustration
Crown, Garland, and Wreath Tutorial by Marna Widom of @twelvelittletales
Barn Owl Mittens by Millie Hernandez from @forest.roads
Felted Candles Tutorial by Millie Hernandez from @forest.roads
Toadstool Mittens by Millie Hernandez from @forest.roads
House of Windows Decoration by Millie Hernandez from @forest.roads
Toadstool House Decoration by Millie Hernandez from @forest.roads
Needle Felted St. Lucia Crown Tutorial by Molly Pratt from @mrsmollyp
Watercolor St. Lucia Crown by Molly Pratt from @mrsmollyp
DIY Winter Natural Village by Naomi Noyes from @ninos.and.nature
Waldorf Origami Lantern by Nicole Spring from @frontierdreams
Woodland Animals Collection by Rachel Wilson from @wanderandwoven
Seasonal Wreaths using Embroidery Hoops by Rebecca Huron from @simplyinthyme
Ice Lanterns Tutorial by Ruby Henry from @studiolittlehen
Felt Gingerbread House Tutorial by Samantha McKeown from @happyhedgehogpost
Snowflake Mandala Baby Blanket by Sanvila Domic from @chvor_
Pomegranate Dye Journal by Sarah Lee from @sarahssilks
Evergreen Dish Tutorial by Tara Rondinelli from @littlepinelearners

    Winter Solstice E-Book by Abbey Donald from @wildwattlefolk
    Sustainable Gift Wrapping by Ashley Comer from @slowlivinghomestead
    Lantern Light Painting by Heather Sleightholm from @sleightholmfolk
    Mother Hollee Fairy Pack by Jess Jarrin of @jleejarrin
    Winter Solstice Guide by Jessie Lehson from @wineberryadventurescouts
    Mindful Winter E-Book by Lauren Betzing of @heartflowkids
    Mindful Family Tea & Story by Lauren Betzing of @heartflowkids
    Welcome Winter Yoga Series by Lauren Betzing of @heartflowkids
    Winter Mindful Activity Cards by Lauren Betzing of @heartflowkids
    Solstice Sun Countdown Centerpiece by Allyson Speake of @tanglewoodhollow
    Creating Beautiful Winter Traditions by Mari Johnson of @bellamartinelli
    Journey to King Winter's Palace Storytelling & Game by Marna Widom of @twelvelittletales
    Winter Positive Affirmation Cards by Millie Hernandez of @forest.roads
    Winter Puppets by Millie Hernandez of @forest.roads
    Winter Coloring & Activity Book by Millie Hernandez of @forest.roads
    Kids Almanac by Sarita Harbour of @anoffgridlife
    Homemade Winter Gift Guide by Tabitha Paul of @gathering.wildflowers
    Winter Forest Poems by Whitney Bangel of @hollowandhoot

    Healthy Home
    Wool Dryer Balls by Harmonie O'Loughlin from @florasfeastbotanicals
    Lip Balm Recipe by Joey Hodlmair from @destinationmommy
    Seasonal Simmer Pot & Nourishing Tea by Kaila Addis of @wildmamarising.ct

      Winter Chicken Care by Ashley Comer from @slowlivinghomestead

            Foraging Winter Mushrooms by Colleen Codekas from @growforagecookferment

              Garden Planner by Ashley Cribb from @ashleyhcribb
              Microgrreens Made Easy by Joey Hodlmair from @destinationmommy
              Shiitake Log Tutorial by Roxanne Ahern from @happyholistichomestead
              Microgreens by Sarah Stutzman from @wellfolkrevival

                  As soon as you complete the checkout process, you will be emailed a link to your digital downloads.  Please go to your email and download the PDF with access to your materials to your computer.

                  Please note that these are digital products and that nothing will be shipped to you.  Because of the nature of the product, refunds are not available.  Please read this description thoroughly.

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