Submissions & Content

Our Simple Living Collections are divided into seven categories:
Raise- raising animals
Healthy Home- items to make your home healthier such as remedies or cleaning products
Wildcraft- foraging for wild edibles
Create- handwork, crafts, art tutorials
Nourish- feeding your family
Family- family traditions, stories, poetry
Grow- growing your own food

If you would like to submit a project to us, you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with a past collection or two (please note: collections are only live for one week each season and cannot be sold after this week period).  If you are already familiar with a collection, please view the following information for dates.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

To apply, please click here.


Spring 2022
Applications due: January 7th
Deadline for submission: March 1st

Date of release: March 14th

Summer 2022
Deadline for submission: April 1st
Date of release: June 13th

Autumn 2022
Deadline for submission: July 1st
Date of release: September 12th

Winter 2022
Deadline for submission: October 1st
Date of release: December 5th

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