Alice Cantrell (@twigandmoth) Issue 1
Alice is a homeschooling mom since 1998 and has been creating art for as long as she can remember.  She lives with her family on a small homestead in South Louisiana, where lots of plants and unusual critters also reside (bees, chickens, and a rabbit!)  She started creating educational materials when she began to homeschool her oldest and was unable to find beautiful nature-inspired materials.  Find more at

Allyson Speake (@tanglewoodhollow) Issues 1, 2
Allyson Speake is a New Hampshire-based illustrator and writer who enjoys adventures in the forest with her two children.  Allyson studies herbs, teaches nature classes on her small suburban homestead, and creates materials to help families connect with the natural world and slow living.  She is passionate about helping families to live slowly and simply.  Find more at

Amanda Paul (@ajwildwayfarm) Issue 2
Amanda Paul owns and operates Wild Way Farm & Apiary, a small farm focusing on biodynamic gardening, soil health, and self-reliant living in New Hampshire. Established in 2012, Amanda grows heirloom vegetables, has many perennial pollinator gardens and is developing a zone 5 fruit forest. She is an avid beekeeper and also raises chickens, ducks, geese, and goats. Wild Way Farm heirloom seeds and raw honey available locally and at:

Amanda Riley (@amanda.w.riley) Issue 2
Amanda is a writer, (sub)urban homesteader, and backyard herbalist/flower enthusiast living in Western NC with her husband and their daughter, whom they homeschool. They are currently coaxing a decades-long dream of farming to life after recently acquiring a large piece of property to steward and tend. She likes salty ocean air, strong black tea, the smell of horses, and the lonesome sound of train whistles at night.

Amy Fuss (@simplefamilylifestyle, @startcreativestudio) Issues 1, 2
Start Creative was founded on the belief that everyone has an artist inside.  Sometimes we just need a little start to get our creativity flowing.  Visit their blog for lots of fun and creative project ideas at

Amy Knight (@ablossominglife) Issue 1
Amy is a nutritionist turned stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to two young children.  She loves all things natural, creating beautiful spaces, cooking real food, DIYing, and living on a budget.  Find more about her at

Angela Ferraro-Fanning (@axeandroothomestead) Issue 2
Angela built Axe & Root Homestead, a six-acre farm in central New Jersey. She started homesteading in 2012 after she suffered postpartum depression with her first child. She was unhappy in the graphic design business she had worked over a decade to build successfully and longed to be outdoors, aligning her lifestyle with the seasons and with nature. She started growing and preserving as much of her own homegrown produce as possible and quickly grew from a home garden to a farm bustling with Clydesdales, geese and ducks for eggs, an apiary with ten beehives, sheep and a small orchard. She taps her own trees for maple syrup, creates her own soap and she even added a hobby vineyard for homemade wine recently. Growing and harvesting her own garden fresh produce and developing recipes for her family that are plant-based and inspired by the seasons is one of her absolute favorite things in life. She has found so much peace and contentment by living and working alongside animals and Mother Nature. She now strives to share this passion for self-sufficient living with others through her Instagram account and online homesteading classes. Learn more at

Ashley Key (@growingbrave) Issue 1
Ashley is a natural history illustrator and homeschool mom to four boys.  Enthusiastic about the value of nature and play in education, her work is heavily influenced by the philosophies of Charlotte Mason.

Ashley Lawson (@honeycombcabin) Issue 1
Ashley Blake is a former first grade teacher and mama to three young children.  She began her small business, Honeycomb Cabin, to combine her passions for educating and creating.  Taking her eldest daughters interest in nature, she began creating materials to help her learning about what she loved.  She specializes in educational printables, learning kits, and one of a kind handmade resources.  Ashley currently resides just outside of Nashville, TN with her family in their log cabin.

Ashley Moore (@jupiters_keeper) Issue 2
Ashley is a self-proclaimed mistress of the miscellaneous who shares a 1/2 acre urban homestead in Southern California with her three children, husband, 2 sheep, 22 chickens, 2 dogs, a cat, 3 pet rats, and a whole hive of bees where she makes art, herbal medicine and lots of messes. She co-owns Women's Heritage (@womens_heritage), a business teaching herbalism, cooking, and animal husbandry through community workshops, and Heritage Goods & Supply (@heritagegoodsandsupply) - a country store in Carpinteria, CA specializing in ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products, DIY kits and other tools for the homestead. She is also joyfully employed as an early childhood teacher at The Waldorf School of Santa Barbara.

Ashley Taunton (@3littlelambshomestead) Issue 1
Ashley is a homeschooling mom on a small New England homestead. After working in the medical field for years the Lord, her passions and life events lead her on a journey of homeschooling almost 7 years ago! She has enjoyed cultivating a love of intentional and holistic learning for her children, and believes that gentle, and beautiful lessons brought forth from rich literature and hands on, life experience yields the most meaningful education.

Bailey Van Tassel (@bailey_vantassel) Issue 1
Bailey Van Tassel is a passionate gardener and home cook, working every day to make the suburbs more like the backwoods she grew up in.  She cooks for her Midwestern husband and two children, sneaking garden veggies into anything and everything.  Find more at

Barbara Cloutier (@
the_road.less_traveled) Issue 2
Barb is a homeschooling mama to two active and amazingly smart little boys. She is also a pediatric occupational therapist who specializes in sensory integration and feeding difficulties, and takes a holistic approach with her clients. Barb loves natural healing and makes a variety of remedies for her family and friends. She is very interested in gut health and enjoys teaching others about the gut-brain connection. Barb and her kids can often be found exploring and playing in the woods, as well as creating in the kitchen. They love slowing down with books and playing good old fashioned board games. Barb also loves yoga, gardening, and just being in nature. 

Bona Fide Green Goods (@bonafidegreengoods) Issue 2
Bona Fide Green Goods is an earth friendly boutique in the heart of Concord, New Hampshire. Providing a little bit of everything for sustainable living.  Find more at

Desrae Melville (@atwinkleintheireyes) Issues 1, 2
Desrae is an Australian-based homeschooling mother of three boys.  She is passionate about living naturally and eating wholesome foods.

Destiny Day (@thedayhome) Issues 1, 2
Destiny is a mom of two boys and is passionate about sharing whole home health with others.  She creates mini guides that help teach things like grain milling and sprouting in simple ways, with recipes and instructions that can be incorporated into homeschooling to help children learn healthy habits.

Emily Mitchell (@the.hidden.way) Issues 1, 2
Emily is a home-educating mother of four, with a passion for captural a natural childhood and an authentic motherhood through word and photography.  Her aesthetic embodies a stylized-whimsy paired with an educational-enchantment.  Her desire is to inspire and encourage the elevation of memories to storybookstatus through slow living rooted deeply in the seasons.  Join her at as she cultivates a culture of beauty and seeks out the magical moments hidden in the folds of an every day, wild and free experience.

Farai Harreld (@thehillbillyafrican) Issue 2
Farai is a writer, herbalist, mother, and birth worker living and loving on Kaw and Osage unceded land in Kansas. Farai is a Zimbabwe-born, Botswana-bred earthling with a penchant for all things herbal, natural and eco-friendly. She is a multi-passionate creative who enjoys sharing about topics ranging from plants, motherhood, food, sustainability, fashion, gardening and much more. Find her at

Ginny Yurich (@1000hoursoutside) Issues 1, 2
Ginny Yurich is a Michigan-based homeschool mother of five, author, speaker, new farmer, and founder of 1000 Hours Outside.  1000 Hours Outside is a global movement designed for any age child (or adult) and and any environment, encouraging everyone to spend more time outdoors.  Join the journey and watch how your life can transform.  Nature immersion holds tremendous power for each and every person at any age or stage.

Jessica Richardson (@jessnicolehandmade) Issues 1, 2
Jessica is a lifelong craft artist with an affinity for adding beauty to ordinary things.  She was taught to work with her hands at a young age by her great-grandmother, which sparked a love of crafting that has only grown through the years.  Through her handmade creations, patterns and tutorials, she strives to help others create a more beautiful handmade life for themselves and their families.  Find more at

Josie Hamor (@onwillowsbend) Issues 1, 2
Josie is a Tasmania-based wife and mother of five girls aged 2 through 11 years.  She is passionate about Waldorf Education and Forest School inspired learning.  Her family spends most of their free time hiking and camping, exploring every corner of the space they feel lucky to call home.

Kathleen Henderson (@rootsandbootshome) Issue 2
Kathleen is the natural living mentor behind the Roots & Boots blog {} and Youtube channel and the creator of the brand-new Real Food Family Meal Plan (, which is earning 5-star ratings--and saving time and money--in kitchens across the country. 

Kathie N. Lapcevic (@homespunseasonalliving) Issue 2
Kathie is a blogger and teacher living in northwest Montana. She embraces a simple and seasonal life and is often found either making a mess in the garden or in the kitchen. You can find her blog at Homespun Seasonal Living (

Kearsley T Schweller (
@mamabearmedicine) Issue 2
Kearsley is a community herbalist, poetic writer, & kitchen witch rooted in the Kickapoo territory of Illinois. She draws inspiration for her writings from her studies in traditional foods, bio- regional herbalism, ethical wildcrafting, witchcraft, & Ayurveda. Kearsley spends most of her time in the kitchen mixing herbal honeys and spices into delicious dinners or staring up at sycamore trees in wonder. Find her wildcrafted medicines, hand woven journals, & recipe guidebooks on her Etsy shop 

Kristine Brown (@herbalrootszine) Issues 1, 2
Kristine Brown, RH(AHG) is a practicing traditional community herbalist and mother of four children and two stepchildren, two of whom she homeschooled for 11 years. She has taught classes for homeschooled children locally and coordinated numerous herbal kids’ camps both locally and nationally. She also assists Leslie Alexander, Ph.D., RH (AHG) with the American Herbalist Guild Symposium’s Herbal Activity Hub. She is the writer and illustrator of the online children’s publication Herbal Roots zine, which has been published since 2009 and the creator of several online courses that teach children about botany, drawing, and herbs. She is also the author of Herbalism at Home and The Homesteader’s Guide to Growing Herbs. Teaching others about plants and sharing her knowledge with children—our future—is her passion. Kristine lives on a homestead with her partner, their two youngest children, plus a variety of cats, dogs, chickens, and goats.  You can find more at

Lauren Madden (@lala_earth) Issue 2
Lauren is a Vermont herbalist who specializes in wildcrafted skincare and herbal immune tonics. She is inspired by the seasons and creates products for the whole family in mind. You can visit her website at

Leah Damon (@leahdamon) Issue 2
Leah is an Art Teacher-turned-homeschool mom who is passionate about nurturing a peaceful home rhythm and a creative learning environment for her three young boys. She grew up a missionary kid in the wilds of West Africa, and now strives to inspire and encourage other families to create for their children an artistic and nature-rich environment full of wonder, warmth, adventure and curiosity! Leah contributes craft tutorials for the Wild+Free homeschool community’s monthly content bundle and makes a hobby of mentoring other families who are looking for resources or pursuing creative freedom in their unique homeschool journeys.

Lisa Bass (@farmhouseonboone) Issues 1, 2
Lisa is the author of the blog,, where she shares her love for creating from-scratch recipes, natural living, and creating a handmade home.

Marna Widom (@twelvelittletales) Issues 1, 2
Marna Widom is an artist, storyteller and treasure maker.  Parents, caregivers and teachers use Twelve Little Tales storytelling tools to make up stories for young children.  Older children in homeschool and in-school settings use the story starters for creative writing experiences.  Seasonal and whimsical, focusing on simple pleasures, nature and a little bit of magic... these stories will start you off on many an adventure!  Find more at

Michelle Chapin (@michellechapin) Issue 1
Michelle is a mother of five living on a small farm in Ohio, where she enjoys learning about herbs and their uses, creating handwork projects, thrifting for treasures, caring for her many farm animals, and teaching both homeschool and adult classes at the Humble Co-op Community Center.

Naomi Noyes (@ninos.and.nature) Issue 2
Naomi is a twin mama, a nature lover and is most excited when working on new projects and crafts with her family. As the creator of Con mi Familia, she works to empower all families to learn Spanish alongside their kiddos with hands-on activities, nature play, and more!

Nicole Spring (@frontierdreams) Issue 2
Nicole is a Waldorf homeschooling, homemaking, blessed Mama raising her own Pevensie tribe on her homestead amongst the Amish. She enjoys the homemade simple life and creating any way she can.

Nicolette Sowder (@awilderchild) Issues 1, 2
Nicolette Sowder is the founder of Wilder Child and Wildschooling, representing one of the largest global, online communities of nature-connected parents and educators.  Her experience as a teacher in a traditional classroom strengthened her resolve to help design nature-bonded, visceral learning experiences outside of those four walls.  She is committed to furthering the outdoor education movement through her work as an educator at Strong Roots Natural Learning Community and advisory council of the Americal Forest Kindergarten Association.  She finds her center, inspiration and a lot of eggs on her 60 acre farmstead in Michigan where she Wildschools her two daughters.

Paige Sander (@farmhousevernacular) Issue 2
Paige is the content creator behind Farmhouse Vernacular. She and her husband are renovating their 1905 farmhouse themselves and share the adventure on their instagram account (, YouTube channel (, and blog ( As avid DIYers and engineers, Paige and Brandon tackle pretty much anything that comes their way. If it seem big and scary, they probably do it! Once the rooms are finished, Paige loves filling them with bold colors, ornate decorations, and one of a kind thrift store treasures. Her personal style motto: never enough fancy.

Rachel Jepson Wolf (@lusa_mama) Issues 1, 2
Rachel Jepson Wolf is a homeschooling mama of two inspiring teens, Lupine and Sage. She is the author of two books for families: The Unplugged Family Activity Book (2020) and Herbal Adventures (2018). Rachel is the founder and owner of LüSa Organics (, an artisanal botanical skincare company. You can find her at

Robin Schudy (@edgewoodfarmhouse) Issue 1
Robin shares her love of gardening, cooking, creating, and homemaking from her home and art studio, Edgewood Farmhouse.  You can find more of her work at

Roxanne Ahern (@happyholistichomestead) Issues 1, 2
Roxanne Ahern is a certified permaculture designer, holistic nutritionist, and homeschool mom.  She grows food and raises livestock on a 44 acre homestead in the Southeast with her family of six.  Find more at

Samantha McKeown (@happyhedgehogpost) Issues 1, 2
Samantha is a teacher turned homeschool mom of 3 boys and the founder of Happy Hedgehog Post.  She enjoys handwork, hot tea, books, and creating magical memories with her family.

SarahRuth Owens (@mountainpaz) Issue 1
SarahRuth is a homeschooling mother of three boys.  She was raised in cities across the East coast, but now resides in the Appalachian Mountains of Georgia where her husband grew up.  Passionate about inspiring others to shift from the status quo of Western indoor life, she has launched local Forest School programs for families.  She believes outside time as a family is vital to a joy-filled life.  She collects books, stray children, and as much coffee as her body will permit.  When not foraging, chasing waterfalls, or camping with her crew, you can find SarahRuth teaching ESL online, writing for Run Wild My Child and The Peaceful Press.

Sara Syrett (@twelveonmain) Issue 1
Sara lives in a small town in Utah with her husband and 4 children.  Originally raised in the big city, she has embraced the slow pace, the wide open spaces, and the opportunity to grow, cultivate, build, and learn everything she can to help her family be more sustainable while enjoying their life on their small farm.  With goats, chickens, and a full time garden, each day brings more adventures and every adventure brings her closer to reaching those goals of providing for her family.  You can see her adventures on her blog at, where the build, design, grow, and take on just about any project or challenge.

Sarita Harbour
(@anoffgridlife) Issues 1, 2
Sarita Harbour is the owner and founder of An Off Grid Life.  A former banker from the Toronto area, she now lives with her family in an off grid home in Canada's subarctic Northwest Territories.  Her days are filled with homesteading, homeschooling, gardening, cooking and learning how to be more self-reliant. 

Shanda Jacobs (@littlehousebecameahome) Issue 1
Shanda is a wife and mother, who just recently welcomed her fourth child. She hails from the Mitten State, but you would think she was from the south based upon her affinity for fried chicken, corn bread, and sweet tea.  She is passionate about spending time in nature, homeschooling, and of course... dark chocolate!

Shauna van de Pol (@the_wild_nook) Issue 2
Shauna is a Communications Graduate, Certified Essential Oil Specialist and homeschooling mamma of 2 girls. In her spare time you will find her cooking from scratch, creating natural personal care and cleaning products or curled up with a good book. She enjoys educating on health and wellness and encouraging people to slow down and embrace simplicity. 

Stephanie Hathaway (@stephhathawaydesigns) Issue 1
Stephanie is a Kansas City-based artist and homeschool mother that creates educational materials and unit studies inspired by nature, art, and science.  She is a strong believer in following a child's lead, which has led to many unique resources stemming from her own children's interests.

Tammy Duncan (@colonialfarmstead) Issue 1
Tammy is a Nashville-based wife and mother living in a 1980's colonial that is gradually being turned into her dream 1700's colonial.  She loves reminiscing about how things were slow and simple in the past and tries to implement many of those skills in her own home.  Hanging clothes on the line, washing dishes by hand, making laundry soap by hand, and creating a home apothecary are a few of the things you might find her doing in her home.  You can find more of her work at

Tara Philipp (@shesrootedhome) Issues 1, 2
Tara is a mother of 3, homestead enthusiast, plant lover, and crochet addict.  She blogs and shares more about her family as they root themselves in a simpler way of life at

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